Colored Pencil Drawings Colored Pencil Drawings
Colored pencil drawings on paper.

Watercolors Watercolors
These original works are all painted on quality watercolor paper. 
More original watercolor paintings can be seen in the "China Series" Gallery

Monotypes Monotypes
All original works on paper
MONOTYPE = Inked plate + Paper passed through a printing press
Some of these Monotypes were created by utilizing handmade stencils & collagraphs combined in a multi-step printmaking process.

Chinese Brush Painting on Scrolls Chinese Brush Painting on Scrolls
"East meets West" with Ingrid's dancing brushstrokes on rice paper & silk scrolls!

China Series China Series
Some of the watercolors painted in November 2011, while traveling through China for 3 weeks.
More original watercolor paintings can be seen in the "Watercolors" Gallery

Mixed Media & Acrylic Mixed Media & Acrylic
Here's where there are very few rules, the art police aren't allowed and essentially.....anything goes.

Oil & Encaustic Paintings Oil & Encaustic Paintings
Traditional oil paintings & Encaustic artwork
Encaustic paintings are created using colored hot wax, resin & sometimes incorporating collage elements, with multiple layers fused together using a torch.

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